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Teeth Whitening

Wanting a brighter smile?

Daily choices affect the colour of our smiles, coffee, tea, wine, food and other beverages can result in staining and discolouration.

Here at Morley Dental Centre we have two options to boost the colour of your smile.

1. In surgery whitening ($750) provides results in just one visit. You also receive custom made trays to take home so as you can maintain results.

2. Home whitening ($300) are custom made trays which are worn at home with a whitening gel for a short time every day until desired colour is achieved (approx 7-10 days).

We recommend supervision from one of our experienced dental team as some products can irritate your gums or cause sensitivity if used incorrectly. An oral health assessment prior to undergoing whitening treatment is essential.

For an appointment phone 9276 3177

*Note: An examination must be completed with a Dentist prior to whitening.