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Children’s Oral Health

With the school holidays almost over it is the perfect time to make sure your children have healthy oral hygiene habits!


Kids teeth are susceptible to the same conditions as adult teeth. A great way to prevent cavities (holes in their teeth) is to limit sugary beverages and provide healthy meals and snacks. Even though baby teeth fall out research shows that children who have cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to develop cavities as an adult.

When should children start seeing a dentist?

It is a great idea to get your child familiar with coming to the dentist at an early age. It is recommended they see a dentist by their first birthday.

Why is diet so important?
Exposing teeth frequently to sugary / starchy foods can lead to cavities. The bacteria in our mouths feed on these foods and this creates acid which eats away at tooth enamel. Between meals and snacks the saliva washes the acid away. If your child is always eating there is no time for the acid to get washed away.

For awesome child friendly meal ideas check out www.iquitsugar.com/recipe/

Baby and permanent teeth need to be brushed twice daily with fluoride toothpaste (which should not be swallowed) after breakfast and before bed. Children under the age of 8 need a parent to help brush to make sure all their teeth are cleaned properly. Flossing is also important to start as soon as two teeth are touching to remove plaque and debris from between the teeth, which if left causes cavities. Flossettes can make flossing easier so if you struggle with normal floss give them a try.

Tips for keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy

  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Visit the dentist once a year.
  • Offer fewer snack throughout the day.
  • Healthy snacks are best – fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and water.
  • Buy foods that are sugar free or unsweetened.
  • Use flossettes to make flossing easier.

If your child plays sport it is essential that they wear a mouth guard. If your child experiences a dental injury contact us immediately so as a dentist can examine and treat as soon as possible.


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