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What are the benefits of Fluoride?

Tooth decay begins when acids in plaque damage the outer surface of the tooth (the enamel). Fluoride acts in three main ways to strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to tooth decay:

  • It improves the chemical structure of the enamel, making it more resistant to acid attack.
  • It reduces the ability of the bacteria on your teeth to produce acid.
  • It promotes repair of any early damage to the enamel.
  • Research over the past fifty years has shown conclusively that fluoride at the recommended levels in the water supply strengthens teeth and protects them against decay.

What are the different Payment options your Practice has to offer?

Here at Morley Dental Centre we do require payment for all treatment carried out to be paid on the day.

We offer a number of different payment options from:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Cheque

*We do accept American Express and a large range of other Credit Cards

What are the possible side effects of a Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

There are few possible side effects that could arise from a Root canal treatment. An individual may experience pain or discomfort around the tooth during and following treatment.

In some cases, the treated tooth may lose its original whiteness and become darker after completion.

The treated tooth may end up not being as strong and durable as a normal tooth and therefore a Crown, placed for strength enhancement is recommended on Root Canal Treated teeth.

Why do practices still use Amalgam Restorations?

Dental amalgam is slowly being phased out. However, Morley Dental Centre can offer a range of tooth coloured restorative options with excellent longtivity. When used for restorative purposes, Dental amalgam is strong, long lasting and easy to use.