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Save your smile, wear a sports mouth guard!


AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Basketball, Skateboarding, Hockey, Cricket, which sport do you play?

Are you wearing a mouth guard?

Playing sports (not only contact) put you at risk of dental injuries. A custom fitting mouth guard helps protect from injuries like concussion, a broken jaw, fractured or knocked out teeth and cut lips and tongue. A custom fitting mouth guard absorbs and spreads the impact of a damaging blow while allowing you to breathe and speak as normal.

The difference between over-the-counter and custom made by your dentist?
A custom made mouth guard is designed to fit your teeth and mouth exactly which balances your bite and fits firmly this provides protection against an impact.
Over-the-counter mouth guards tend to make breathing and speaking difficult but most importantly they are loose which decreases their effectiveness at protecting against an impact.

To make the most of your custom made mouth guard:
1. Keep out of the sun.
2. Wash in cold water after use.
3. Keep in container provided by us.
4. Bring in at your yearly examination to be checked by your dentist.

Adult mouth guards should last several seasons if looked after correctly, however keep in mind children grow quickly so they will require a new one more frequently.